Core Banking Solution

Core Banking
Integrated software system for managing banking operations. Key features include account management, transactions, and reporting capabilities.
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Digital System for Banking Interface
Digital System for Banking Interface

Empowering Banks to provide seamless solutions to it’s customers.

Our innovative CBS solution is designed to suit the changing needs of customers. Netwin CBS solution ensures high degree of automation, risk-free deployment, full workflow control, ease of use and low cost of operation. It is configurable and ready-to-use solution, Core Banking Software provides a centralized platform for managing all banking transactions, customer data, and financial information.

Banks need Core Banking Software for:
•  Improved operational efficiency.
•  Enhanced customer service
•  Regulatory compliance
•  Centralized data management
•  Integration with other systems

Key features of
Core Banking Solution

Centralized database

Netwin CBS solution has a centralized database that allows banks to store and manage all customer information, transactional data, and account details.

Multi-channel access

CBS allow customers to access their accounts and perform transactions through multiple channels, including mobile banking, internet banking, ATMs, and branches.

Automation of transactions

It automates various banking transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and payments, which reduces the need for manual intervention.

Integration with other systems

Netwin CBS can integrate with other banking systems such as anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, and credit risk management systems to provide a more comprehensive solution.

Real-time processing

CBS offers real-time processing of transactions, which means that transactions are processed immediately, and customers can see updated account balances and transaction history.


Netwin offers a high level of customization to meet the unique requirements of different banks, including different products and services, workflows, and security settings.

Analytics and reporting

Core banking solutions provide detailed analytics and reporting on various aspects of banking operations, including customer behaviour, transaction patterns, and profitability.


Core banking solutions are scalable and can accommodate the growing needs of banks as their customer base and operations expand.

Looking to streamline banking operations with automation technology?

Benefits you get

Quick customer on-boarding

Powerful KYC mechanism

Configurable products for Deposits, Loans, Savings, Current, Checking etc.

All transactions in Single screen operation

Flexibility in configuring interest, maturity, period and various other parameters etc.

Multiple channels for doing transactions like web, mobile, smart devices etc.

Compliance and statutory reports available at any time

Flexibility and Scalability to accommodate future expansion